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The Dentist's Advantage specializes in providing a membership discount program for the dental profession, who can access benefits and savings from our exclusive merchant network. 

Partnering with leading businesses, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of the best products and services for our members.

Better odds than the track...invest £360 for a minimum £3600 return!

Are You Lying Awake at Night...
Worrying about Money?

The stress that comes from running a dental practice and trying to close the overhead gap, eats away at nearly every dentist.

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and get more sleep!

The Dentist’s Advantage puts the power back in your hands...

*  Making your dental business more profitable

*  Assisting you with • Lower costs • Increased profit • Business growth • Lower stress

*  Employing bargaining power with key suppliers and manufacturers saving you thousands in overhead expenses

*  As a member of The Dentist’s Advantage, you enjoy exclusive, pre-negotiated discounted pricing from our suppliers on thousands of different products

*  You save every time you make a purchase ...Guaranteed!

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Slow overhead creep is insidious!

Overhead creeps up every year. As a result you take home less and less every year. The gap between your production and income is increasing at an alarming rate every year!

As dentistry becomes more and more competitive, overhead control becomes more important.

Every percent you can save from your overhead, can make a huge difference in your profit margin.

You have to be able to buy supplies, equipment, legal services, accountant services, insurance, marketing, practice management and a few dozen other things at more cost effective rates to begin to turn the tables!  

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The Dentist's Advantage is working to make small independent dental professionals strong so they can get ahead and stay ahead...

    Start Saving Today...

We use our group bargaining power to obtain discounted services and exclusive benefits for you.

We're taking a stand for the little guy in a jungle of corporate driven, big presenting a united front to protect the purchasing power of the small dental professional.


Have a Better Lifestyle for yourself & your family...

Take control of your destiny and create more freedom for yourself and your family and be in a better place to eventually retire.

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