The Dentist's Advantage Primary Aim is

to Build Consumer Power... 

You Pay Less for Business and Household Bills

power to dental professionals

The Dentist’s Advantage is a membership based program offered exclusively to dental professionals to improve their profitability in an increasingly changing and competitive business environment.

Meeting the needs of dental professionals who can access huge savings via our exclusive merchant network is our sole purpose. The monetary savings available covers membership costs many times over. 

Dental professionals, like every other business in the UK, have been affected by recent recessions along with the upheaval in the economy. The Dentist's Advantage is working to even the playing field and make a difference in the lives of dentists, dental technicians, dental hygienists and dental therapists.

We are the next generation dental network, providing a national umbrella under which dental professionals can pool market buying power to achieve a vastly improved net profitability via pre-negotiated prices, saving members valuable time and money. With member input, new and exciting ways to save, is continually evolving. 

You Don’t Have to Accept the

World as You Find It...

You Can Demand More

If you let others totally dictate the prices you pay at work and at home, then you're also letting them dictate the kind of car you drive, where you live, where your kids go to school, where you vacation and how often, and ultimately whether you're going to retire happy one day, or die with a drill in your hand.

Where is your purchasing power going?

Having owned 3 dental practices and worked in several other practices over 36 years, I've gone through all the struggles and stresses like every other dentist. But, I've also gone through all the successes. I have taken dental practices from scratch all the way to profitably selling the businesses. One of my biggest challenges has always been in maintaining overhead expenses. Early on it was always a struggle to pay the bills and have money left at the end of the month.

Your business is unique to you. You've built it; it's been your blood, sweat and tears, your desire to grow something better and to be successful. However the basic supply and service needs of dental businesses are the same everywhere. It's always a struggle with the overhead!

You Deserve More

The time is now to change the dental profession as we know it. By banding together and presenting a united front, we can ensure your purchasing power.

Now is the time to come together as an alliance and empower yourselves in dependent dental professionals.The more dental professionals that are a part of our network, the more resources, buying power and influence we have and the more we can achieve for The Dentist's Advantage members. 

Completely Independent

By countering the plethora of misleading information and confusing choices that you face every day, we work so that you can feel truly confident about the decisions you make, and powerful vested interests can be kept in check.

We aim to provide unbiased, expert analysis; impartial and expert advice.


We are a voice for the underdog: the typical dentist in

the typical town who takes care of his/her family and

patients and just wants to enjoy the profession and

have an amazing practice.