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  • Access to goods and services at prices not available to individual buyers!
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The Dentist's Advantage has negotiated exclusive rates and discounts with partners that can greatly decrease the cost of being a professional, as well as in everyday life. Whether you're in the market for a new dental chair, composite or a new home, new car, new credit card or a holiday, The Dentist's Advantage has an exciting range of special offers available to you.

We provide you with the most comprehensive package of discounts and benefits most appropriate to the needs of the dental professional.

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Increase your purchasing power with access to exclusive rates, discounts, special offers, promotions and everyday savings on:

  • Dental EquipmentDental Equipment
  • Dental SuppliesDental Supplies
  • Laboratory SuppliesLaboratory Supplies
  • orthodontic suppliesOrthodontic Supplies
  • Dental GasesDental Gases
  • accountantsAccountants
  • legal servicesLegal Services
  • BankingBanking
  • computer hardwareComputer Hardware
  • dental laboratoriesDental Laboratories
  • financingFinancing
  • LeasingLeasing
  • Energy SuppliersEnergy Suppliers
  • Equipment ServicingEngineering & Servicing
  • FloristFlorist
  • golfGolf
  • vitaminsHealth Supplements & Vitamins
  • insurancesInsurances
  • Internet Service ProviderInternet Service Provider
  • InvestmentsInvestments
  • magazinesMagazines
  • MarketingMarketing
  • car hireMotor Vehicle Hire
  • Glasses and OptometryOptical/glasses
  • Franking machinesPostal Franking Machines
  • Practice ManagementPractice Management
  • Dental Practice SalesPractice Sales
  • RecruitmentRecruitment
  • StationaryStationary Supplies
  • Surgery DesignSurgery Design and Refurbishment
  • TelephonesTelephones 
  • Theme ParksTheme Parks
  • VOIP providersVOIP Providers
  • Vet ServicesVet Services
  • Pet InsurancePet Insurance
  • Waste DisposalWaste
  • Website DesignWebsite Designers
  • Wine Beer & AlcoholWine, Beer and Alcohol

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Join us today and make a stand for the little guy, the typical dentist in a typical town, who takes care of his/her family and patients...


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Join us today and make a stand for the little guy

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