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1. Dental Supplies (8%)       
2. Dental Equipment      
3. Office Supplies (2%)      
4. Janitorial Supplies      
5. Dental Lab (8%)      
6. Computer Hardware      
7. Banking      
8. Credit Card Fees**      
9. Leasing & Finance      
10. Accountant      
11. Engineering Services      
12. Energy Suppliers      
13. Wealth Management*       
14. Insurances      
15. Business Phones      
16. Mobile Phones      
17. Printing & Postage      
18. Vet Services      
19. Cosmetics      
20. Golf      
21. Optician      
22. Wine, Beer, Alcohol      
  YOU SAVE!   £

Note: This table is for illustrative purposes only and in no way should be taken as exact savings. Figures used in "our example" are average annual percentages only, for the UK, calculated on gross turnover of £500,000. The more services you use, the more you save!

* Wealth Management is calculated on £250,000 of invested capital

**Credit card fees calculated on £350,000 of gross income paid by credit card with merchant fee of 1.4% (£4,500)in our example and 0.7% used in your cost i.e. 50% of 1.4%. This figure is highly variable depeneding on what type of practice you have.

Membership period is yearly (12 months) for £360 - TDA Savings
you will easily recoup this amount 10 times over!

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We are continually adding more services for even greater savings!


Some typical savings dental professionals can make in 12 months