Why Join The Dentist's Advantage?

How do I compete?

  • “How do I compete against corporate clinics?”
  • “The UDA system is not fit for purpose”
  • “I’ve been in practice …(10, 15, 20, 35) years. I’m uninspired and have been going to work that way forever!
  • “I do it now because I have to – I don’t have a choice!”

Greater Buying Power...saves you money!

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The Dentist's Advantage uses its group bargaining power to obtain discounted services and exclusive benefits for you. We are taking a stand for the little guy in a jungle of corporate driven, big business, by presenting a united front to protect the purchasing power of small dental businesses.

We have negotiated supplies, equipment, legal services, accountants, insurances, marketing, practice management and a few dozen other things for your practice and personal use, to begin to turn the tables. Accommodation, finance, banking, motoring, and travel are some other categories included where you can make huge savings.

The Dentist's Advantage works for you, studying products and services available to you as dental professionals, so that you can make the best purchasing decisions for your needs. We work to make your lives fairer, putting your needs first to bring you better value.

Our goal is for you to take home more net profit and provide you with a great lifestyle, freedom to enjoy that lifestyle and have enough left over to put towards retiring with a great lifestyle.

Make changes and even the odds

The Dentist's Advantage is working to make small independent dental professionals strong so they can get ahead and stay ahead...

  • You didn’t put yourself through the long hard years of dental school, buy or start a dental business, accumulate piles of debt and to then not be financially rewarded.
  • Money is not the sole purpose of being in practice, but without it, you can’t serve your patients, your team, and your family.
  • Dentistry is going through irreversible changes, so don't get left behind. Become sustainable in the face of a drastically changing dental profession.

Take Control of Your Practice and Your Future

Crossroads Take Control of Your Practice and Your Future

The current NHS dental contract and the consistent rise in overheads and costs of regulation has seen personal incomes take a dramatic nose dive over the last few years, to the point where business is becoming unsustainable. Many dental professionals today are being squeezed more than ever and are at a cross-roads. 

The UDA system is obviously not fit for purpose and causes untold stress as dentists try to hit their targets.

Many dental professionals declining incomes are colliding with their high interest credit cards and other debts. Many respond by running harder, working longer hours, fighting to increase production, working “dumb and hard”. Some are frozen by fear and confusion, and do nothing until it is too late. Frustration will boil inside their minds, hearts and stomachs. They will experience fatigue, burnout, and irritability, both at work and at home.

But a few will absolutely thrive (even while their neighbours suffer and struggle). These few will earn more but work less, be more in control, have more fun, and face the future with optimism and courage.